So, you made the decision to play mas (jump carnival). You’ve bought your costume, but no costume is complete without the shoes! Are you wearing boots or sneakers? This question determines your level of comfort throughout the whole day. Some might even say it’s the most important decision following choosing the costume. Both boots and sneakers have their advantages.

Boots seem to be more readily associated with carnival. This is caused by years of them being the staple footwear. For many, this is a standard part of the carnival uniform. For someone living in the Caribbean, boots are different from our everyday footwear and can make you feel like you’re dressing up – they really can add a dramatic flair to your costume. For those brave  enough, you can even wear boots with heels. Another pro is that you can even hide essential things that you don’t want to carry in a purse or fanny pack.

On the other hand, sneakers can be very comfortable and some are specifically designed for walking and running. It can be argued that sneakers are also more versatile than boots. You probably can get more wear out of them outside the carnival season. Additionally, such a wide variety of brands make various styles of sneakers that you’re almost guaranteed to find an exact match to your costume. There are so many dynamic shapes and styles of sneakers that you don’t have to look like anyone else.

Despite what you choose, be sure to remember your feet will swell a bit. We recommend that you choose half size or even a full size larger than your usual size. Also, don’t forget to put a good insole in either your boots or sneakers because your feet with thank you later! At the end of the day it is your preference  – you owe it to yourself to be comfortable (and fashionable). See you on the road!

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